We thrive on your success.

We empower individuals, and teams to find their purpose and to synergize as tribes.

We breed success

It’s what we thrive on. We will guide your discovery of what your unique success is. You’ll learn how to create successes to move you towards your purpose.

Even on your worst day, you can find success if you choose to look for it, celebrate it and build on it.

Leadership begins within you. No one can be a leader unless they believe they can do it. All leaders are servants to their tribe. We guide you to understand this and to discover your ability to lead.

Great leaders are great followers. That’s why no one can make it on their own. You have to have others around you that support you and that you follow. After believing in yourself, the next step is to be a great follower. As a member of Tribe and Purpose, you are a member of a tribe that requires effort, participation, and support. There are no passive tribe members.

Tribe Building & Optimization

Successful tribes pull together to help each other succeed. All the members of the tribe are looking for a win-win-win way of doing things. The best members of a tribe want the other members to succeed as much as (or more than) themselves. The success of one member of the tribe is the success of the tribe.

Every member of a tribe must be an active member. That means that he or she must actively participate. Participation isn’t just showing up on time. It is putting in the work to be prepared, to contribute to the efforts at hand, and to solving problems of other team members.

Forming a tribe starts with finding like-minded people, those people that want to work just as hard as you do, that believe that they cannot make it on their own. A tribe is not a group of clones. It is people from all different backgrounds who have a common desire to create success for others and themselves as a tribe.

Whether you are organizing a tribe or joining one, it is not an easy effort. That is why Tribe and Purpose guides you so that you can have both: a tribe you create and a tribe that you are a member of.

You can be a member of more than one tribe, but remember that membership takes effort from you and the members of the tribe. And just like the number of hours in a day, the effort is finite because effort takes time and mental capacity. If you are a member of a tribe because you think it is cool or you just expect to get something out of it, you are in the wrong tribe. Each member of the tribe is an active contributing member.

By joining Tribe and Purpose, you join a tribe that wants you to succeed and will serve as the accountability partner that you need, guiding you to define your and pursue your purpose.

The tribe empowers the individual, and the tribe is empowered by the individual. The tribe becomes not only a partner to rely on, and it is the power that sets you apart.

Aristotle said, “the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.” That is why a tribe is essential to your success. If you want to stand out, run towards your purpose, and be part of something bigger than yourself, join Tribe and Purpose.

We focus on three main areas

Purpose Driven Guidance, Mentoring, and Accountability

While coaching and mentoring share a common basis of trust and interest in each other’s journey, mentoring, at least in my view, is a more episodic and tactical approach to problem-solving. On the other hand, coaching dives significantly deeper to understand your purpose before walking, somewhat intimately, side by side through periods of discovery, acceleration, and consolidation.

All Tribe and Purpose programs begin with establishing a baseline. You have to know where you are today to discover tomorrow. Gaining an understanding of who you are, why you are this way, and how things outside your control affect you is the foundation of Tribe and Purpose’s program. From this foundation, you will build a vision of your purpose. You have to know where you are before any journey can begin. We guide you by discovering your purpose through the analysis of your values, likes, strengths, and passions.

Action can be scary because it brings change with it. The future is hard to predict, yet we often make fallacious, negative assumptions about our future. When you allow those assumptions to influence your decision, making you wind up with inaction. What if no one likes it? What if no one buys it? What if it is stupid? This is where the tribe can have a powerful and profound impact. Honest feedback from a tribe you trust will help you to stop making negative assumptions and start making reasoned choices. Your tribe will tell you what they think of your action plan. They will be direct, honest, and provide the feedback you need to make those reasoned choices. This is the support that each and every one of us needs to succeed.

Leadership & Follower Training & Development

Leadership isn’t about titles or positions. It is about getting more out of your team than they believed was possible, not by cracking the whip, but by building a shared vision of success that every team member can work towards. This vision creates the team’s intrinsic motivation to perform at a higher level, all because they want to achieve that vision, not because they are being coerced. Great leaders inspire their team to do more through belief.

Our Process:

  1. Who are you? Where are you going? And what is your why?
  2. Creating a plan of attack to achieve real goals
  3. Guiding, coaching, and mentoring you toward your tribe and purpose.
  4. Periodically measuring where you are at, goals achieved and adjusting for optimization.