Digital Media Kit

Otis McGregor

Founder, Leadership & Executive Coach

We guide you to find your clarity, resolve, and purpose. We know the challenges, and we are with you the entire way, providing a plan, coaching, and accountability. We know that no one gets there alone. That is why we also help you build your tribe because your tribe and purpose lead to success in life.

Who is Otis?

Leadership Expert, Author, Speaker, Podcast Host, Project Management Trainer, Rugby Coach, LTC, Special Forces, US Army, Retired

My passion lies in helping people succeed. I’ve used this passion through years in the Army Special Operations, coaching rugby and business. It now drives me to create better leaders. I believe that better leaders create better organizations, better organizations create better communities, and better communities will create a better world.

I worked as a Business Development Manager, Director, and Chief Strategy Officer for several companies. In 2009, I founded LTO Enterprises, LLC to help businesses win government contracts. In 2021, I rebranded LTO to become Tribe + Purpose, aligning with how we operate and our business purpose. We focus on creating better leaders to lead high-performing teams. I am a certified business performance coach and certified project director and trainer through The Institute of Project Management.

I retired from the US Army in 2009 as a Green Beret Lieutenant Colonel following 25 years of service. While in the Army, I had a broad range of experience from being a private driving tanks five years older than me; to an engineer in the Arctic, running heavy equipment in the most extreme arctic conditions, to leading Green Berets on complex and dangerous missions around the world. I also had the unique experience of being part of new organizations and creating these new units into cohesive, effective organizations. This experience ranged from Arctic conditions in Alaska to counter-terrorism units in Iraq and Afghanistan to NATO Special Operations Headquarters. Being part of these organizations from the ground up has given me immense experience in creating successful organizations

I’ve used those skills and experiences to build successful teams, business units, and companies in the business world. I’ve led capture efforts and proposal development for large and small firms. These efforts have ranged from small task orders to multiple large entity Joint Ventures. In addition to my business development efforts, I ran multi-million-dollar programs for the government spread across the US and overseas.

I possess a BS-Engineering Technology, from Texas A&M University; MA-International Affairs, Naval Postgraduate School; Certified Professional Coach, Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC); COR.E Leadership & Performance Dynamics Specialist, IPEC; Certified Project Director and Certified Project Trainer, Institute of Project Management (IPM); USA Rugby Level 300 Coach. I create better leaders, host a podcast, build high-performance teams and wrote the book Enable Your Teams Success.

I live in Colorado with my wife, Suzanne. We have three grown children living in the USA.

Potential offerings


  • Leading to Innovate—45 min
  • Transition Prep—30min
  • Resilience—45min
  • How to Handle a Crisis and Succeed—50min
  • Energetic Leadership—30min

Other Talks

  • 5-Steps to Become a Master of Chaos—25min
  • 3 Steps to Manage Stress—15min
  • 3-Steps to Clarity in Your Purpose—15min
  • Trust in Leadership—17min
  • Green Beret Leadership Program (GBLP)—4.5 hours (6-week course)

Suggested Interview Questions

  • What made you decided to become an executive coach?
  • How does your military experience help people outside the military?
  • What do you miss most about the military?
  • What is about tribes? Why do you think people need a tribe to be successful?
  • What is the most interesting thing that you translate from being a Green Beret to being a business owner?
  • Are you a veteran only focused business?
  • Who is your ideal client?
  • What is it about being outside that appeals to you?
  • How did you discover your purpose?
  • What was transitioning out of the military after 25 years of service like for you?
  • What was/is your biggest business mistake?
  • What was the biggest ah-ha moment one of your clients has had?

Are you ready to live and thrive as your optimal self?

Then we welcome you to your new Tribe and Purpose.