Find your tribe purpose

We guide you to find your clarity, resolve, and purpose. We know the challenges, and we are with you the entire way, providing a plan, coaching, and accountability. We know that no one gets there alone. That is why we also help you build your tribe because your tribe and purpose lead to success in life.

We empower your success

We all walk our paths. And success is as individual as your path. We know that finding success, much less your purpose, can be a daunting process. That is why we are here.

Do you ever wish that you had someone who has your back? To help you find the answers, someone who enables you to perform at the level you want, or someone to ensure that you are on track to reach your goals? Then you have come to the right place.

We are all looking for success and purpose, and a sense of belonging to something. For hundreds of thousands of years, tribalism is how we have survived, and it is alive today. We thrive when we are part of something bigger than ourselves. Being part of a tribe is an essential element to fulfilling our purposes and finding success. We help you find and build your tribe.

Are you ready to live and thrive as your optimal self? Then we welcome you to your new Tribe and Purpose.

Why Tribe and Purpose?

Our passion lies in helping you succeed. Our purpose is to empower individuals and tribes to connect and optimize. It starts with good followers and better leaders. Better leaders create better organizations, and better organizations create better communities, and better communities will create a better world. Let’s do this.

Purpose gives you direction; your tribe gives you the power to fulfill your purpose.

Your purpose guides you in life. Without purpose, you are only reacting to whatever life sends your way. With purpose, you can direct your way to the things you envision and dream about achieving. Purpose allows you to become intentional in who you are and what you do.

When you have purpose, every day, you wake up with a direction to go. Without it, you can only meander. Its possible to randomly discover your purpose; After all a broken clock is right twice a day and even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. When you create your purpose and own it, you have direction and move intentionally to what is important to you.

No one does it alone.

Even Jesus had 12 disciples as his tribe. Every high-level performer has a tribe around him or her. Your tribe is essential to fulfilling your purpose. As you discover your purpose, you find out your tribe. We guide you through this discovery of knowledge and understanding of what your purpose is and how to create your tribe. When you join the Tribe & Purpose tribe, you feel empowered to have your purpose fulfilled.

The tribe is foundational to our being and our survival. In today’s world, we aren’t afraid of being eaten by a saber tooth tiger or keeping the fire lit overnight, so we don’t freeze to death. Tribes serve a different purpose now. As a member of a tribe, you are part of a group of people who want you to succeed. They are excited about your purpose and genuinely believe in your ability to follow your purpose.
When you join Tribe & Purpose, we guide you through creating and embodying your purpose. We show you how to design a path to follow your purpose. We become part of your tribe, and you are part of our tribe. The Tribe & Purpose tribe isn’t the only tribe you will have. Join us, and let us guide you to your own tribe and purpose.

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