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Growing Leadership Internally

We were hired by the senior leadership team of a $50M a year business to coach a select group of junior managers that the senior leadership team had identified for potential promotion as the company grew to $100M annual revenue. These managers were very different in their backgrounds and the point in their career they were. We helped them establish what their personal vision looked like and how it nested with the company’s vision for growth. These managers lacked confidence in their abilities and because of that, they had poor communication with their respective teams and with their immediate leadership. We helped them discover their confidence, create a plan for themselves and their team; build trust in the team members’ ability to perform their jobs.

Creating Flow in the Team

We have worked with the leadership team of this small business for a couple of years and the transformation of the leadership team to be more effective in their communication and caring in their approach has enabled them to grow their revenue by 30% over those two years. As their business grew and by working with us they are able to take the next step in their business growth.

Building Confidence

This newly promoted SVP in a large corporation wasn’t sure how he could be an effective leader for his team and meet the expectations of the people that promoted him. We worked with him to help him establish his routine in the workday, move forward with intention, and create a plan for himself and his team to grow in their efficiency and effectiveness.

Career Change

We have guided over 50 active duty service members transitioning from active duty to their post-military life and career; or as we like to call it, the next adventure. Every one of these men and women are seeking a new identity and passion as well as seeking to find their ‘new’ purpose in life. Each of these men and women have different backgrounds and paths that they followed to reach this common point of identity, career, purpose, and life change, yet the desired outcome is the same, what is my new identity and purpose in life.

Creating Flow for Your Team

USA Rugby hired us to develop and run a team-building camp for the USA Men’s Eagles as their final training event before the 2019 Rugby World Cup. This 3-day event ran the professional athletes through some rigorous and fun events. We arranged the events and themes for each based on 2 factors: team building and their first 4 opponents in the Rugby World Cup. The team building began with events focused on knowing yourself and how your performance affects the team. The second day was, know the man to your left and right, buddy teams. The third and final day focused on working as a team. We also overlaid themes for each of the events that matched the style of play that their opponents had such as, speed, stamina, strength, and wildcard.

Building Confidence and Creating Clarity

She was new to the industry she was in and just started working for a small business remote. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do and if this job was the best fit for her. Her passion was writing and she wanted more time to follow that passion. We helped her create a vision of what her success would be like and plan to reach it. She shifted from shy and lacking confidence to moving forward in life to achieve what she wanted.

Creating a Strategy

We’ve worked with this small business a couple of times over the last several years, primarily as business consultants. The founder and owner approached us because he had a vision for creating a legacy business with an aggressive goal to achieve in 5 years. He brought us in to create that plan by establishing the company’s mission and values and ultimately the plan for the business to double in size to $50M in annual revenue. The plan has brought focus to everyone in the company and helps them function as a high performing team.

Manage Your Life

We worked with a Senior manager in a mid-size business that was struggling with keeping up with his family time, personal time, and work. He was torn by the fact that he had little to no respect for the senior leaders in the company, including his immediate supervisor. He also struggled with passing that negativity on to his team. We helped him learn how to break the cycle or flow through negativity to others and create clarity in his life so that he can manage all categories of his life and not feel like he was letting one fall behind.

Create a Plan for Greater Growth

We began working with this small business founder as his business was on the cusp of closing not only business changing contracts but, life-changing too. We helped him find clarity in his approach for this geometric business growth and clarity for what steps to take next.


We have worked with several startup founders to help them develop the clarity needed to get their businesses off the ground. Many of these startup founders were lost in what they should do next and why. We helped them discover the origin of the business, its purpose, and how their efforts were going to fulfill that purpose.

Building a Tribe

We run a tribe of veteran business leaders to support veteran business growth. The members of this tribe have successfully launched and grown their businesses. The secret to this tribe’s success is the common desire amongst all members to help each other have more success. This tribe meets regularly to help each member overcome obstacles.