Purpose gives you direction,
your tribe gives you the power
to fulfill your purpose,
we help you find it.

We are a family-owned, and veteran operated tribe focused on your success.

We believe that

There is no work life balance, there is only life.

Live a good one. Life is not balanced, it is lived. There is no give and take between work and life. It is all life. In order to live your life, you must know your purpose, what pulls you toward action each and every day is your purpose. No matter the obstacle, your purpose will pull you through. It is never easy, that is why we at Tribe & Purpose guide you. Join our tribe, discover your purpose, create your crystal-clear path, and live the most life you can, now!

Tribes are essential.

No one goes anywhere or accomplishes anything on their own. An African proverb says, “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” You can sprint a 400m race by yourself, but you will lose to a team of 4 every time on the same distance. Being part of the right tribe makes you better, period.

Honest & Truthful in all Action–Integrity.

Do as you say and say as you do. Nothing is more important than being true to yourself. Trust within the tribe is essential to the tribe’s survival. Every member of the tribe has to be able to trust the other members or the tribe will not survive.

Serve our tribe.

Being part of the tribe is just that, being part, and doing your part. There are no free-riding members in a tribe. Every member is an active actioning participant.

Continuous Improvement.

Without improvement, there is no purpose. We must always be thinking, how can this be better. What is the adjustment to my routine or my business systems that will make it better? You should always be asking yourself how can my actions help the tribe be better.

Tribe and Prupose is led by the father and son duo Otis McGregor and
Camden McGregor.

Otis W. McGregor III, CPD, CPC

LTC, Special Forces, US Army, Retired

Otis McGregor leads Tribe and Purpose with his son Camden as the principal leadership and success coach. With over 40 years of experience as a leader, coach, and team member, Otis embodies the values and principles of Tribes and Purposes. Otis is driven both by these values and the idea that better leaders and tribes create better organizations, building better communities leading to a better world.

Through the decades, Otis has empowered hundreds of businesses and individuals to find their clarity for purpose and their tribes for connection.

Otis leverages the unique blend of heart, passion, and experience as one of the elite commanders of Green Berets. Trusted with some of the highest missions of our great nation, Otis knows how to think from both the 10,000-foot view as well as amid battle to ensure he and his tribe not only achieve the mission but do it in the most risk-mitigating ways possible. Brought to the civilian world after retirement, Otis walks the walk and talks the talk. Spend five minutes with him, and he will inspire your heart and mind.

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